Social Development, education and empowering of our local communities is part of our passion for people.

Sable Tours is committed to following ongoing sustainable initiatives to assist in conserving our beautiful local landscapes and wildlife.


    The Sable Tours Foundation was initiated in 2018. The aim of the foundation is to focus on hands-on environmental education and integral school advancement. 

    In 2018, Sable Tours adopted Sokisi High School in the Hluvakani area, adjacent to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Our goal is to sow seeds of change, empowering children by increasing their awareness of conservation; stimulating their desire to learn.  We believe this improves their learning environment and opens up opportunities for talented learners.

    By stimulating an interest in nature and improving learning environments, we strive to have a positive impact on environmental awareness and education amongst the youth in this area, this in turn leading to better conservation and economic outcomes for South Africa.


    Sable Tours has invested in a number of community projects. As part of our social duty, we have appointed a team of ladies who are responsible for collecting refuse in and around Hoedspruit every week.  A clean town lends itself to a long-term future for tourism.

    Jaco joined The Bateleurs, a non-profit conservation organisation, donating his time for various environmental missions.

    In 2018, he volunteered to fly for two conservation operations. Jaco relocated two lions from the Hoedspruit area to Mkuze and another two lions from Gondwana Game Reserve to Nambiti by air, as part of a translocation program.

    GRUwing is a Non-Profit Organisation, specialising in Anti-Poaching.  Jaco is a co-owner of the organisation and assists with routine anti-poaching flights over the various game reserves in the area.

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